One of the best ways to experience South Korea’s culture is through the culinary delights that can be found in restaurants.Myeongdong is a cosmetic lover’s paradise. You can find all the popular Korean cosmetic brands in Myeongdong, from Innisfree . Tips For Women Travelling To Seoul, South Korea

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1. Enjoy Delicious Korean Food

One of the best ways to experience South Korea’s culture is through the culinary delights that can be found in restaurants. Koreans love their barbeque and kimchi (fermented cabbage) is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity item. While in South Korea you can indulge in some of the tasty treats like bulgogi, japchae, and gomguk along with a variety of traditional banchan dishes such as flavoured kimchi, bap (rice) and gogumasun namul (sweet potato shoots).

While in Seoul, street foods are a pleasure within themselves. The variety of street foods will blow your mind and can be found at many of the major market areas within the city. The major market areas are packed with food stalls or pojangmachas which specialize in tasty treats from around the country. While you are shopping for that perfect souvenir or exotic high-end item, you can please your taste buds with a variety of flavours.

2. Visit the third “Tunnel of Aggression”

While most people visiting South Korea typically go to the DMZ which marks the boundary between North and South Korea. At present the DMZ is still an active aggression zone which you can take a tour to see, but you will remain quite far for your safety. A bit less well-known secret is that there are long stretches of tunnels underground which were made by the North Koreans near Panmunjom. From what the government knows there are 4 total tunnels discovered and it’s rumored that there are a dozen more undiscovered tunnels. Why not take a trip to the third discovered tunnel that is only 44 km from Seoul

3. Relax in Luxury at the Sun Cruise resort and Yacht

While South Korea is host to many different cruise liners visiting its shores, these ships typically stay in the ocean waters. The Sun Cruise Resort instead is a cruise liner built on top of a rocky cliff. This unique mixing of architecture as a cruise liner gives it one of the most interesting designs in the world.

This resort is home to 211 rooms, 6 restaurants, a rotating lounge with a 360 view of the ocean, a glass floor observation deck overlooking crashing waves below and is situated next to a sculpture garden that you can wander through during the evening while enjoying the sunset.

4. Be A Street Artist

While we’re sure you’re reading this because you want to travel around and see exciting places, but one of the must things to do in South Korea is to see the street artists perform on Insa Dong Street in Seoul. There’s everything from card tricks, to juggling, and much more. If you have a trick or two up your sleeve you can even join them and do your own performance to make a bit of cash.

Not only do they have great street artists, but there is also a great mix of old and new Korean culture including cafes, restaurants, and shops selling authentic souvenirs. Most people often come to Insa Dong to check out the art galleries, tea shops, and boutiques.

5. Put Up Love Locks at Namsan Tower

N Seoul Tower or Seoul Tower, the view here is possibly one of the best. It’s a popular attraction in South Korea for those with romantic relationships. There are hiking routes available to get up the mountain, but most people opt to take the cable car up. You can either stay on the ground once you reach the tower, or head over to the top floors of the tower and into the observatory to see the entire place around you.

6. Have a Photoshoot While Wearing a Hanbok

All over the Bukchon Hanok Village, and online, exist shops where you can rent yourself a beautiful hanbok for a few hours (~13,000won) or even the whole day (~26,000won). Once you’ve put on this comfortable traditional clothing, make the most out of it and go have an amateur photoshoot with your friends at these palaces in Seoul! If you come in dressed up in a hanbok, the entrance fee will be waived.

7. Seoul Market Tour and Korean Cooking Class with Small Group

Exploring local area and learn how to cook an authentic home-cooked Korean meal. This 3-hour cooking class starts with a quick walking tour of the city as we purchase local ingredients from the local market. Then we will cook together and dine together in a traditional Korean-style house. • Learning various Korean foods with professional Korean instructor. • Experiencing local traditional market and Cooking Korean foods with fresh ingredients. • Cooking together and dining together. (We offer group cooking experience, not individual) Time line10:00(14:00)-10:40(14:40) : Food ingredients market tour10:40(14:40)-12:15(15:15) : Korean cooking class12:15(16:15)-13:00(17:00) : Lunch/Dinner* (time) is for afternoon class. This timeline will be changed up to weather.#Korean cooking class #cooking korean food, #Koreanfood

8. Nanta Show with Optional Transfer in Seoul

Nanta tells the nonverbal story of four cooks who must prepare an entire wedding banquet in just one hour. The electrifying 1.5-hour show offers a comic sketch of mishaps in the kitchen, performed through ‘samulnori’ — traditional Korean percussion quartet melodies. Nanta premiered in 1997 and has become the longest-running show in Korea. See kitchen knives, cutting boards and cooking utensils transformed into remarkable musical instruments.

9. Korean Small-Group Food Walking Tour with BBQ Lunch in Seoul

Discover Seoul’s culinary scene on an afternoon walking tour followed by lunch. Stop at seven venues for food tastings before sitting down for a typical Korean barbecue. Let a knowledgeable local guide show you authentic Korean cuisine as you visit classic shops, street stalls and restaurants to savor specialties such as fried pork dumplings and fish cakes. With the barbecue it adds up to a satisfying meal. Numbers are limited to 10 to provide a small-group experience.

10. Trick Eye Museum Entrance Ticket in Seoul

Pair an art gallery with a dash of whimsy, and you get the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul. Inspired by the visual art technique of ‘trompe l’oeil,’ the museum features paintings that give each 2D-piece a 3D-illusion. Step into or beside the art, and snap photos that have you popping out of the portrait or mural. Then, freeze boredom out of your life inside the Ice Museum, part of Trick Eye, and discover rooms made entirely of ice. Post your amusing and bizarre pics on social media and watch the thumbs-up numbers climb.

11. Korea House Dinner and Show with Transfer Option in Seoul

Enjoy traditional court cuisine in the charming atmosphere of Korea House and delight in a cultural performance of song, dance and drums on stage. You’ll feel like royalty as superior chefs present a course dinner of Korean dishes of the Joseon Dynasty. Then watch eight performances combined in a compilation of time-honored talent. When the show ends, you can take photos with the wonderful performers.

12. K-Fan K-Pop Tour Including Lunch

Experience all things K-Pop on a 4-hour Seoul tour that reveals South Korea’s vibrant popular culture. Explore the Gangnam District, made world-famous by Korean rapper Psy; pass by ultra-hip clothing stores on Apgujeong Rodeo Street; and and visit SM Town for a chance to interact with the famous entertainments various experiences for K-Fans. Lunch is included.

13. Trickeye Museum Seoul Tickets

Home to creativity from fashion to food and architecture to art, Seoul attracts tourists with its temples and skyscrapers mingling across the city. Avail Trickeye Museum Seoul tickets and enter the world of augmented reality, where you will be able to click worth-sharing photographs for you.

14. Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze

Offering many cultural and artistic attractions, Seoul is the cultural, economic and political heart of South Korea. World-class dining and nightlife that never stops all find a home in Seoul. Alive Museum tickets with Dynamic Maze allows you to visit two of the amazing sites in the city.

15. Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul

Home to creativity from fashion to food and architecture to art, Seoul boasts to have temples and skyscrapers mingling across the city. Find time to relax and spend a leisure day soothing your soul. Have the fee; of vacation when visiting and avail Dragon Hill Spa in Seoul.

16. Hop on Hop off Seoul Sightseeing Bus

When in Seoul, don’t forget to explore sites and attractions that are famous and are regarded as tourist spots in Dongdaemun, Seoul. You shall be able to hop-on and hop-off at your own accord and visit your planned locations according to your itinerary. You cannot miss the unbounded fun and joy of this informative tour, accompanied by the multilingual audio guides.

17. Han River Cruise In Seoul

Seoul is a really very beautiful city when it comes to the combination of natural and architectural beauty. And this Han river cruise is the perfect representation of it. It is a must-do activity on your trip to Seoul. Don’t miss an amazing package available with special offers.

18. Coex Aquarium Seoul

Embrace the chance of exploring the largest aquarium in Seoul that exhibits 40,000 sea creatures and contains the highest number of sharks along with the largest variety of species in Korea. Enjoy an open-dated Coex Aquarium Seoul ticket and spend a delight vacation with loved ones.

19. Hanbok Rental In Seoul

Home to the rich history augmented with an abundant number of historic sites and attractions, Seoul boasts to be the capital of the country of South Koreaapital of the country of South Korea. Get a chance to dress in traditional Korean clothing worn during celebrations with hanbok rental in Seoul.

20. Poopoo Land Seoul

Enter into the themed playground in South Korea to learn about the digestive system and walk across 220 sqm and 3 floors of animative arcades that exhibit a 70 degrees steep slope. Learn about the extraordinary intestines and know more about human anatomy.

21. Museum Kimchikan

Kimchi is regarded as one of the best dishes in Korean history. Book this Museum Kimchikan ticket Seoul, and get entry to the amazing Museum Kimchikan. This is a must-do activity for every food lover visiting Seoul.

22. Whoo Spa Seoul

Attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, Seoul is home to a lot of attractions and activities. The city has a rich history and the popularity of Seoul is growing amidst tourists. Take out time from your busy itinerary to avail Whoo SPA in Seoul and relax for a while

23. Vivaldi Park Snowy Land

Seoul, a city of vibrant culture, traditions and natural landscapes. Explore Vivaldi Park and see the Snowy land of Seoul. Visit the winter resort is known as the setting of Legend Of The Blue Sea and That Winter, The Wind Blows with Vivaldi Park Snowy land trip.

24. Seoul Food Tour with Bbq Lunch,

Don’t miss out the chance of savouring on some mouth-watering Korean seafood pancakes, along with grabbing some local delicacies in a traditional and unexplored market where you would find a wide set of scrumptious food items. You also avail the opportunity of feeding on deep-fried pork dumplings, spicy rice cakes, Sikhye, and a lot more!

25. Gangchon Rail Park Bike

With Temples and skyscrapers mingling across the city, Seoul is home to creativity from fashion to food and architecture to art. Gangchon Rail Park Bike tickets to experience an exciting bike ride in the beautiful countryside of Gangwon-do.

26. Biking

Biking/Cycling in Korea is common, especially along rivers. Han River is famous for its bike and scooter rental facilities.Renting a bike costs about 3,000 won an hour, making it a good option if you want to experience the scenic views while pedaling along rivers or on the cycling trails all over Korea. Buying a bicycle is an alternative to renting one, and you can freely cycle with your friends to desirable destinations in your free time. Go to Ara Waterway for the shortest but still scenic bike path in Korea. And check out Namhan River path on the South, East end of the Han River for the best scenic route you can’t miss.

27. Video games, VR experiences, and movies

Gaming, evidenced by PC bangs on almost every street in Korea, is one of the most popular leisure pursuits among people of all ages in Korea. PC bangs are special internet cafes open 24/7 that specialize in gaming. They are charged hourly, with the average hourly rate being 1,000 won. You will find them mainly close to campuses as students love hanging out in their friend groups in PC bangs after school hours; some even spend their entire nights there. This is due to their affordability, high-speed internet, comfortable seats, 24 hours operation, and low-cost food served to guests without interrupting their gaming. The most popular video game among Koreans is League of Legends (LOL), but other equally loved games are Sudden Attack, Overwatch, and Battleground. Playstation rooms (PS bangs) can also be found all over Korea and cost an average of 3,000-4,000 won per hour. Here, people play all types of games, such as FIFA, and you can also be served food and beverages. PS bangs are also frequented by groups of friends who want to have fun together during their free time. There are other games at PS bangs that you can try with your friends, even if they are new to you. You can look up PS bangs near you on Naver or just ask for their location from the locals,

28. Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Tour from Seoul

On this tour of the Korean Demilitarized Zone from Seoul, feel the reality of Korea’s turbulent history as you explore the line that divides North Korea and South Korea. Travel by comfortable coach and learn fascinating history from your expert guide about the role this zone played in the Cold War and the Korean War, and how it now stands as a symbol of both division and unification. Sites you’ll visit include Imjingak Park, the Freedom Bridge, the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and the DMZ exhibition hall. After pickup from your Seoul hotel at your selected departure time, you will be taken by comfortable coach to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a strip of land splitting North and South Korea, becoming one of the tensest fronts during the Cold War and the Korean War.Stop first in Imjingak, a park located in the banks of Imjin River where you’ll see artillery and war artifacts that were used during the Korean conflict. Proceed to Freedom Bridge, crossed by nearly 13,000 Korean POWs on their return back to freedom. As you explore by foot, learn from your guide about the powerful significance of this bridge.Re-board the coach and head to the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, located beneath the border of North Korea and South Korea. Here, learn about the role of these tunnels, which are believed to have been planned as a military invasion route by North Korea. See where the South Koreans have blocked the actual Military Demarcation Line with concrete barricades. Continue to the DMZ exhibition hall to browse photographs and war artifacts.

29. Take the cable car up Mount Namsan

Home to the N Seoul Tower, Mount Namsan is a must-visit attraction in Seoul. While Mount Namsan is a mere 237 metres at its peak, the athletically challenged among us (like me) may not be so keen on climbing it. Fret not – there is a cable car to shuttle you there! At the top, enjoy the city views or go even higher up the N Seoul Tower’s observatory.

30. Enjoy a hilarious non-verbal performance

For a truly iconic and memorable experience with your loved ones, consider the humorous NANTA Theater Show. Nanta Show is Korea’s most popular theater performance that takes place in a non-verbal musical setting. It features a culinary-themed comedic performance that includes acrobatic moves and rhythmic melodies. Remember to book your tickets in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

31. View an exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is a new attraction in Seoul and it is a venue for events, exhibitions and shows related to the design industry. When I was there, the “Andy Warhol Live” exhibition, which features about 400 of Andy Warhol’s artworks, was ongoing. On your visit to Seoul, be sure to check whether there is anything happening in DDP that suits your interests!

32. Sample Korean Alcohol

While South Korea only offers a limited selection of Western alcohol, and at a rather steep price at that, their own alcohol offerings keep getting increasingly interesting as the years progress. Whether it’s soju or makgeolli, the often fruity flavors certainly don’t stop at one. In fact, the abundance of different flavors available ensures that there’s a lot of enjoyment to be expanded over several days, so don’t hesitate to go out now and find your favorite! You might also find them complement your favorite food.

Family Special

Buy cosmetics at Myeongdong

Myeongdong is a cosmetic lover’s paradise. You can find all the popular Korean cosmetic brands in Myeongdong, from Innisfree and Etude House to Tony Moly and MISSHA. Look out for the 1+1 (buy one get one free) offers, and don’t be shy to go around collecting free samples! Before you go, check out my travel buddy Celine’s 10 tips for shopping in Myeongdong!

Learn How to Cook Korean Food in the Most Traditional Neighborhood

If you and your family have a chance to visit Insadong and Bukchon Hanok Village, the most traditional neighborhoods in the city of Seoul, try taking part in the Korean cooking class. For details and directions, click here. It can be a great opportunity for your whole family to learn about Korean food cultures and their recipes, such as Bibimbab, Bulgogi, and Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake).

Wonderland of the Best Theme Parks!

Theme Parks are definitely the dreamiest place children always want to go and there are fabulous theme parks in or near Seoul. If you want to take public transportation, Lotte World will be the best option since you can simply get there by getting off at Jamsil Subway Station (Line 2). Also, you can stop by Lotte World Aquarium or Lotte World Tower, which are just next to the Lotte World Theme Park

Go on a thrilling adventure in Everland

Everland is definitely the place for the family who’s looking for an adventure. From thrilling rides to fun attractions, there is definitely something for everyone!

Ride the T Express, the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world, with kuya and ate who are all about those extreme rides. Everyone else can head on over to Zootopia where you can see and interact with the animals within the park. Meet the majestic lions, adorable pandas and many more! Aside from that, there’s so much more to see and do at Everland so why don’t you see it for yourself? You can also get discounted tickets for Everland online!

Family photoshoot in traditional Korean hanboks

Want to travel back in time and look like a princess or an emperor? Level up your family photos by that fit each of your styles.

Be sure to also to take your photos. So after everyone is ready to go, head to Gyeongbokgung Palace or the National Folk Museum of Korea for a family photoshoot. Don’t forget to complete the look with a finger heart!

Watch one of the most spectacular performances in Seoul: THE PAINTERS: Show!

If you want to be entertained like never before, then The Painters: Show is a definite must-see! Watch talented artists as they do live painting performances, the first and only in the world! Prepare to laugh, dance along, and be amazed by the performers’ creativity and talent. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now for the best-selling show in Seoul!

Explore the Underwater World of Colorful Fish!

At the COEX Mall in Gangnam, one of the biggest shopping malls in Korea, your children can explore the marine realm at COEX Aquarium, the largest aquarium in Seoul! It boasts world-class facilities with more than 40,000 sea creatures from 650 species. Not only you can see the sea creatures but also get to see other cute animals, such as squirrels and prairie dogs. If you want to have more fun at COEX Mall at the best deal, including the aquarium, the movie theater, airport limousine, and luggage storage, get a COEX All-in-One Pass!

Take Beautiful Family Portrait in Korean Traditional Dress

Capture the special moments with your family in Seoul while your family is dressed up in stunning Korean traditional clothes. They will be a great keepsake of your family trip to South Korea! At 3355 Hanbok Rental Shop, you can pick a Korean traditional dress from a selection of 300 different Hanbok. You can even get makeup and hair done! You are free to take photos with your own camera at the studio, but you can also hire a professional photographer and take Instagram-worthy pictures at Korean Traditional House or Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Women Special

10 Tips For Women Travelling To Seoul, South Korea
1. Prioritise personal safety
Korea is a relatively safe country for women travellers, and Koreans are generally friendly and helpful to visitors. Local attitude towards women is respectful so you will not be bothered in general. Since Korea is a relatively conservative society, men will not try to get close to you unless if they are drunk (drinking is huge in South Korea). The city is covered by a good network of CCTVs and the police are ready to assist if you find yourself in a tight spot.

That said, it always pays to be cautious and alert. If you plan on staying out late at night, try doing so in a group and keep your hotel information handy. Just as in any other city, avoid narrow alleys and entering areas you don’t feel good about. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, be polite but firm and ask them to walk away. You might get a “You are beautiful. I want to talk to you” but things are not likely to proceed beyond that point.

Temple Stay & Meditation

Templestay Korea: Bongsunsa Temple (Half Day)- Sign up for a special templestay program at Bongsunsa Temple in Namyangju City, a short distance east of Seoul, and enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery of Gwangneung forest while diving in to the world of Buddhism! Templestay Korea: Geumsunsa (Mountain Temple in Seoul):-Choose between a daily, experiential and relaxation templestay in Geumsunsa, a wonderful, serene spiritual oasis in Seoul. Templestay Korea: International Seon Center:-If you’d like to focus on your breathing and clear your mind, this templestay is perfect for you as it hosts more meditation programs than other locations. Templestay Korea: Hwagyesa Temple-Enjoy a standard, relaxation or daily templestay program without having to branch far away from Seoul in Hwagyesa Temple! Templestay Korea: Jogyesa Temple-This templestay has got it all – Arts and crafts, cooking, meditation, and education. Try the night view program to “find yourself” under the whispy clouds, twinkling lights and glowing moon. Healience Zen Village 2D1N Stay Program – Mind & Body Healing (+ shuttle transfer option)–De-stress in a tranquil Healience Zen Village in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, through our all-inclusive “2 Days 1 Night” program! Guests will enjoy accommodation, 3 meals, free quality daily programs, such as meditation and yoga, and many other benefits. Templestay Korea: Baekdamsa Temple in Seoraksan National Park (+ Shuttle Bus)-Unwind in nature and experience Korean Templestay at Baekdamsa Temple, one of Korea’s major Buddhist temples nestled in Seoraksan National Park, Gangwon Province.