he Indian Railways network is divided into 16 zones. The main railway zones of the Indian Railways are Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern and Central. The 16 zones are categorised into subdivisions, each having its zonal headquarter. Book flights for all destinations across India or world at the lowest airfares with us.



The Indian Railways network is divided into 16 zones. The main railway zones of the Indian Railways are Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern and Central. The 16 zones are categorised into subdivisions, each having its zonal headquarter. The first zone to be established post the independence was the Southern zone. Five more zones were added to the network in 2005 namely: North Central, East Coast, South East Central, South Western and West Central. The vast network of the Indian railways covers the length and breadth of the country. And to keep a track of the network of trains, a database for trains between two stations is maintained by the railways. It provides the users and passengers with the necessary information on the train status between stations and train routes along with train route map across India.

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Q) What is Indian railways train time table?

A: Local as well as long distance train time table is the running schedule of a particular train. The train time table contains train timing – from its departure station to its termination station. Halting time for the train at stoppages along the way are also mentioned in the time table.

Q) Of what use is the Indian railway time table?

A: It was around 1860 when the railway time table was introduced in India. The motive of railway time table is to synchronize the running of trains across India based on their route and halt stations. It made sure that no two trains (from the same or opposite direction) reached a platform at the same time. The train time table today gives a complete idea about the running schedule of any train in India.

Q) What are important terminologies (information) associated with time table?

A: Some of the terminologies associated with Indian train time table are train name and number, Intermediate stations and Train status. Let us explain these railway time table facts for you. Train name and Number: Each train has a certain number, and they have a specific name tagged against them (which may or may not be unique). This information is essential in singling out a train from thousands of others running on that same day.

Intermediate Stations: All the stations, which the train crosses along its route are included in a list of intermediate stations. A train might or might not have a stoppage (halt) at the Intermediate stations mentioned in the list.

Train Status: A check about train status, gives the users an idea about the present location of the train, list of the upcoming stations, expected time of arrival at the upcoming stations and the delay record of the train.

Q) Why expected Platform for Arrival is a key information in the train time table?

A: The expected platform information allows the passengers to avoid the last minute hassles. It helps them plan their boarding and de-boarding much better. Junction stations across India have more than five platforms, on an average, and passengers may face last minute problems while running around along with their luggage, children and other stuff. The expected platform information helps the passengers plan out much better.

Q) What are the factors that may affect the train time table between two stations?

A: There are various climate and man-made situations which can cause a disruption in the Indian train time table. Trains are heavily delayed during the winter months (due to fog) and monsoons (due to heavy downpour). They are also hampered by road blocks, strikes, accidents en-route, and many other such factors.


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Q.How can I make changes/cancel my reservation?

Ans. You can cancel/make changes to your reservation by the ‘My Booking’ section, which you can access from the homepage of the Air India website. All the applicable charges will be levied for canceling or making changes to your reservations.

Q. Should I book a seat for an infant?

Ans: A child under 2 years does not legally require a seat, but it is up to you to decide whether you need to book a seat for your infant or not. The fares for children below 2 years and above 2 years are different, as the ones above 2 years require a seat to fly.

Q. What are the various classes for which flight tickets can be booked?

Ans: The major classes for flight ticket booking are Economy and Business class.

Q. How much time does it generally take to get my ticket confirmation?

Ans: Within minutes of booking the tickets, you will get a confirmation email to the email ID you had provided for the flight ticket booking.

Q. Do I have to show ID proof when I check-in?

Ans: Yes, any valid photo ID like the PAN card/driver’s license should be shown at the time of check-in at the airport for domestic travel, and the passport too has to be submitted for international travel.

Q. How much baggage is allowed to be carried on flight?

Ans: The baggage allowance policies vary from airline to airline, You can check with the airline operators to find the exact baggage allowance and restrictions for checked-in bags and cabin baggage.